Since our start of business in 1998, we at McLean Physical Therapy, understand that physical pain is not a simple challenge to the patient and cannot be resolved with a simple approach to its treatment. Our methodology comprises a comprehensive program that relies on:

Professional Skills. All of the McLean Physical Therapy care givers are fully trained and licensed professional Physical Therapists, each with over fifteen years of hands-on experience. That experience is constantly honed by our Therapist's lifelong participation in continuing professional education programs that are administered by licensed Physical Therapy training institutions. Because our Therapists never stop learning, McLean Physical Therapy is staffed with the finest professionals. Because no moment of McLean Physical Therapy's full hour sessions with its patients is delegated to an Assistant or Aide, the patient is assured the finest possible care.

Communication. No matter how skilled our professionals are, successful treatment cannot be achieved without a comprehensive communication between the patient and therapist. Before any physical treatment is begun, the Therapist undertakes an initial evaluation. No element of potential importance is overlooked. The Therapist and patient will discuss the nature of the pain, any related pain or other medical history, the patient's daily life activities and physical needs, and the patient's treatment goals.

Therapy Plan. Armed with that information, the Therapist develops a treatment program, outlines it to the patient, explains its benefits and the patient's role, and then requests the patient's commitment to that plan. At each of the following visits, the Therapist continues the dialog to learn the patient's therapy activities, state of pain, and satisfactions or preferences. If needed, the program can be adjusted to better suit the patient's current needs.

Staff Information:

Anne-Marie Deckx, P.T. -- Director, Owner and Operator of McLean Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Services, established 1998 -- obtained her Physical Therapy diploma from the Instituut voor Lichamelijke Opvoeding, Brusssels, Belgium. She is registered as a Physical Therapist in Belgium, Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Illinois. For a period of more than five years preceding Anne-Marie's launch of her current practice, she served as Director and Chief Physical Therapist for a number of orthopedic offices and rehabilitation centers in Washington, D.C., and Northern Virginia. Her experience also includes service as a hands-on physical therapist in Bergen Norway, Delft Netherlands and Champagne-Urbana IL. In addition to delivering physical therapy treatments and managing offices of 10 and more physical therapists, Anne-Marie's professional activities have included presentation of professional education lectures on, as an example, fibromyalgia, as well as production of instructional video material for physical therapy patients and in-person delivery of professional education.

She specializes in musculoskeletal disorders, orthopedic problems, and fibromyalgia with a strong focus on upper and lower extremity joints. She treats patients of all ages, including children and geriatrics. Anne-Marie is a firm believer in the use of hands-on methods to restore joint and soft tissue mobility.

She is fluent in English, Flemish, French, and Dutch.

Tzvety Kazakova-Ilieva -- Whether it is on the phone or in the office, Tzvety Kazakova-Ilieva is the first member of McLean Physical Therapy that you will meet. Serving as the Office Manager since August 2000, she will assure that you receive the care you need when you need it. Tzvety graduated from the Medical School of Sofia, Bulgaria, with a medical degree in pediatrics. Her warmth and friendliness are matched only by her efficiency