Client Testimonials

For over 15 years, I have been referring my patients to Anne Marie Deckx and McLean Physical Therapy.  I have consistently been satisfied with their treatment of my patients.  The therapists that she employs offer excellent quality physical therapy treatments, always with patient care as their number one priority.  My patients have often commented on and given praise to Anne Marie and all of her staff for helping them reach their physical therapy goals.  I highly recommend Anne Marie and her very competent staff for physical therapy.

Peter D. Bruno, M.D.
Orthopaedic Surgeon
McLean VA

I tell all my friends that Anne Marie is the best physical therapist I can imagine. I first heard of her about 10 years ago when a colleague at work, who had been in a wheelchair, was walking down the hall. I asked her how she had improved so much and she gave me Anne Marie's name.

Several years later, I tore my rotator cuff and had surgery on my left shoulder; the surgeon told me I'd probably never get 100% of the use of my shoulder back because I had an additional complication called adhesive capsulitis. For rehab, I chose Anne Marie. Well, you probably have guessed the outcome by now … I have 100% use back … and the surgeon has added Anne Marie to the list of therapists he recommends to his patients!

Two years ago, I severely injured my right knee on black ice, crushed 20% of my kneecap, and had surgery. Again, I chose Anne Marie for my rehab. My surgeon, other physicians, family, and friends are surprised at how well I have recovered. No one watching me walk or go about my life would suspect I ever had the accident. I attribute my success as much to Anne Marie as to my surgeon.


Ten years ago, I tore the rotator cuffs in both my shoulders while doing chin-ups. Advised by an MD that, if I can live with the pain, there is no need for surgery. So I chose to live with the pain and with the absence of such pleasures as tossing a ball and throwing a Frisbee.

This year, I finally tired of relying on such compensatory strategies as inching my left hand, like a little mouse, up the side of the car's steering wheel into driving position. So, I consulted an MD once again. He advised me to seek the care of McLean Physical Therapy. After just a few short months of undergoing McLean Physical Therapist Oana Balasa's two-pronged program of soft tissue mobilization and instruction on self-led physical exercise, I am able to simply and painlessly plop my hands in driving position on the car steering wheel. I can also lift massive stacks of dinnerware high above my shoulders into the kitchen cabinet and even can toss the Frisbee…albeit, half the distance of 10 years ago.

While the office of McLean Physical Therapy crackles with the energy of its founder, Anne-Marie Deckx, Oana is quietly caring. She clearly explains how her methods work and how they benefit the patient. The small office's entire staff exudes warmth and intelligence. Any patient could not be more comfortable than in the care of this office.

Paul Froyd,
Tech Industry Contract Negotiator, 2013

I have had sessions with Mary once a week for many years now. Her expertise and knowledge of my body have gotten me through several crises, and generally helped keep me from becoming a bent-over old man. (At least she has kept me from being bent over. Can’t blame her for my getting old.) Her sunny demeanor makes me look forward to our weekly sessions, which is actually kind of surprising because she sometimes does things to me that are not exactly comfortable. But I keep coming back, which is definitely a tribute to Mary and her skills as a physical therapist.

Tim Brown

I have been a patient of Anne Marie for many years, for recurrent back and shoulder and/or neck problems. She is professional, efficient, competent, and manages to fit me in when I need her services. She is a friendly and jovial person. Important point: she is always prompt. Several languages are spoken in her office, which I find a plus since I am a native French speaker. I can highly recommend her.

Lucienne S.

Anne-Marie Deckx has been my physical therapist for the past 17 years. I have degenerative cervical disc disease, had back surgery when I was 20, and am prone to occasional acute episodes of excruciating pain due to pinched nerves in my neck. Each time I return to Anne-Marie she works wonders on my neck and pinched nerves and brings me back to a pain free life, keeping me out of the operating room! I told my husband that if Anne-Marie ever moves out of the area, I'm divorcing him and following her!


Anne-Marie is an exceptional physical therapist in many ways, especially in the amount of time and individual attention she gives to each patient. Any time I have had an injury, whether tendonitis, pulled muscles, or needed post-operative care, Anne-Marie has known exactly what to do to relieve pain and promote healing. She has given me excellent exercises, and has always done a wonderful job communicating with both my doctors and my health insurance company. I have referred many friends to her, all of whom have been extremely pleased with the care they received. 

Jan Kern